TMU Cairo

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Computer Engineering

Learn to build electronic systems and devices for an industry that is crucial to everyday life. Use your software, hardware and firmware design knowledge to advance technology in our interconnected world.

Key areas of study:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Architecture
  • Microcomputer Systems
  • Digital Electronics
  • Control Theory
Computer Engineering - TMU Cairo

Career Possibilities

  • Medical Technologist
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Consumer Electronic Designer 
  • Data Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Computer Systems Designer

Computer Engineering - TMU Cairo

Your next four years

First and second year

Explore engineering fundamentals, as well as computer architecture, microcomputer systems, digital electronics, real-time operating systems and control theory.

Third and fourth year

Focus on coding and software design, with an option to pursue software engineering. In fourth year, tackle a hands-on group project that involves developing, prototyping and testing your design.

Your degree

Your degree will be recognized internationally and allow you to become a Professional Engineer (PEng) in Canada. That’s because, as of 2026, our undergraduate engineering programs in Cairo will receive the same distinction granted to our programs in Toronto: accreditation by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

Computer Engineering - TMU Cairo

Before you apply

Take some time to review the following information as you prepare to submit your application:

Degree Awarded:

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

Administered by:

Department of Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering

Program Format:

Full-time, four-year program.

Full-time, five-year co-op program.

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