Computer Engineering

Behind every digital phenomenon is a computer engineer. They make the world around us more efficient, bring communities together, improve digital security, democratize commerce, and enhance entertainment through technologies such as virtual reality. With processes becoming increasingly intelligent every day, the demand for skilled computer engineers follows.

Throughout this cutting-edge program, you’ll explore engineering fundamentals, computer architecture, microcomputer systems, digital electronics, real-time operating systems, control theory, and more. You’ll dive deeply into networks, circuits, and microprocessors with the opportunity to focus on coding and software design through the third-year software engineering option. In your fourth year, you’ll further specialize in network and systems design and collaborate with peers on a large-scale design project.

As a computer engineer, you’ll use scientific and practical knowledge to advance technology in our interconnected world. You’ll build electronic systems and devices for industries critical to our everyday lives that sit at the center of social and economic revolutions.

Area of Study

  • Software engineering
  • Computer architecture
  • Microcomputer systems
  • Digital Electronics
  • Control theory

Career Path

  • Communications
  • Health care systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Intelligent and adaptive systems
  • Network security
  • Consumer electronic design and service
  • Computer systems and software design
  • Data mining and management