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Aerospace Engineering

Passionate about transportation? Build a career designing a new generation of vehicles that travel across water, land, sky and space. Plus, learn to control how fast, safe and cost-effective transit becomes—and test how far the limits can be pushed

Key areas of study:

  • Aircraft
  • Avionics
  • Spacecraft
Aerospace Engineering - TMU Cairo

Career Possibilities

  • Aircraft Designer  
  • Military or Commercial Aerospace Engineering
  • Mission and Payload Specialist  
  • Avionic Instrumentation Designer
  • Electronic Navigation Systems Designer

Your next four years

First and second year

Advance your understanding of foundational engineering science in courses like mathematics, basic sciences, and computer programming, as well as aerospace design and flight mechanics.

Third and fourth year

Choose to study in one of three streams: aircraft, spacecraft or avionics. In your fourth year, work with a team of fellow students to design and analyze your own aircraft or spacecraft—and then present your final project to industry representatives.

Your degree

Your degree will be recognized internationally and allow you to become a Professional Engineer (PEng) in Canada. That’s because, as of 2026, our undergraduate engineering programs in Cairo will receive the same distinction granted to our programs in Toronto: accreditation by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

Aerospace Engineering - TMU Cairo

Before you apply

Take some time to review the following information as you prepare to submit your application:

Degree Awarded:

Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

Administered by:

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Program Format:

Full-time, four-year program.

Full-time, five-year co-op program.

Have questions?

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