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The Creative School in Cairo Inks Agreement with Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC) to Support Media Students Throughout the Entire Learning Journey

Cairo, February 8, 2023— Abdel-Fattah Al-Gibaly, Chairman of the Egyptian Media Production City (EMPC), and Dr. Magdy Elkady, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Universities of Canada in Egypt, the entity hosting Toronto Metropolitan University in Cairo, inked an agreement to provide on-the-job training opportunities for Cairo students in Media Production and Sport Media majors.

The collaboration with UP SKILL, the training academy affiliated with EMPC, spans different areas to benefit our students throughout their entire academic journey, including allowing them to shoot short and feature-length projects inside EMPC, in both built-up sets and open spaces, access to state-of-the-art studios, on-air broadcasting, master control rooms, TV and digital media facilities such as iPhone studio, chroma, Dolby Atmos and others. Access to industry workshops and professional development is also guaranteed, along with networking opportunities between the university and EMPC’s partners.

The learning components will complement the curricular delivery in the areas of motion graphics, editing and post-production, film directing, cinematography, TV and radio presenting, and media project management.

With this practical approach, TMU Cairo aims to fulfill its goal of setting a real-life example for future students considering their career choices that helps them envision what they are going to learn and how well they will be qualified to compete with local and international peers.

It was also critical to secure an affordable plan that fits both Egyptian and international students who would get the same benefits equally at the same discounted percentage.

As for EMPC, the partnership with a prestigious university like Toronto Metropolitan will enable them to hire or recommend for partners distinguished future graduates, as well as to transfer the knowledge, international experience, and multicultural aspects that TMU embraces.